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"...As a Singer, only the Grether’s Pastilles help me so much to get ready prior to a recital..."

"...I have Dry Mouth Syndrome and only the Grether’s Pastilles can help me..."

"...My Doctor recommended the Grether’s Pastilles because of my natural hoarseness and the Pastilles really soothe my throat!..."

"...I flew to Toronto to perform and sing at a concert and forgot my Grether’s Pastilles! Eurochoc helped me to locate them and got them to me in less than 24 Hours!..."

"...As a Professional Speaker, I use the Grether’s Pastilles regularly and it helps soothing my throat!..."

"...When I have a cold, I use the Grether’s Pastilles and it makes the pain due to repeated coughing go away!..."

"...Only Grether’s Pastilles make a difference when I have a sore throat..."

"...I am a Diabetic and LOVE the Halter Sugar Free Bonbons! I can enjoy them and feel safe at the same time..."

"...I am careful with my diet and enjoys the Halter Sugar Free Bonbons which have NO AFTER TASTE!..."

"...The multiple Halter Sugar Free Bonbons fruit flavors are delighful! My favorites are Coffee and Raspberry!..."

"...Halter’s four new flavors SUGAR FREE with CHOCOLATE are out of this world...Fantastic! I cannot wait to reach the Chocolate filing that bursts in my mouth!..."

"...The new Halter Sugar Free Bonbons Raspberry and Chocolate, is as good as the Coffee and Chocolate...Maybe even better! There are no other candy like this on the market and the taste UNIQUENESS is unmatched!!!..."

"...Halter Sugar Free Bonbons has 16 Kosher flavors, and they are sugar free and their taste is FANTASTIC!..."

"...Halter Sugar Free Bonbons is the perfect gift for my father who is a Diabetic! I gave him an assortment of 20 Flavors and he loves it! All his friends (Diabetic or not!) want some now!..."

"...My dentist recommends the soft and ultra soft CURAPROX toothbrushes. Curaprox gently takes care of my Teeth!..."

"...There are no substitute for CURAPROX CPS Prime Interdental Brushes! I use 3 different sizes to match my own interdental spaces and for my own comfort!..."

"...I bought a CURAPROX CK 4260 toothbrush for my Baby who is 2 and learning to brush! I am lucky such a well designed, high quality toothbrush will help Jonathan to take good care of his teeth!..."

"...I found CURAPROX CURASEPT Mouthwash in Europe. This product is unique, does not contain alcohol and features its ADS system (Anti Discoloration System). It is the only mouthwash with Chlorhexidine that does not stain and will keep my teeth all white!..."

"...After the Dentist removed my wisdom teeth, I was in such a pain! I am glad my Orthodontist gave me one CURAPROX CS SURGICAL Toothbrush. With 12,000 bristles, (25 times more than a regular toothbrush!), I could brush without pain and FELT SO MUCH BETTER!..."

"...My favorite everyday toothbrush is the CURAPROX CS 5460! It has 11 times more bristles than a regular toothbrush! I used to brush hard… but my dentist recommends to use the very soft CURAPROX toothbrush to take care of my teeth and protect my gums!..."